Crown Corgi has gained tremendous popularity thanks to the hard work and dedication Lisa has put in the past 14 years.
I pride myself in my commitment to our past, present and prospective puppy parents. Thanks to all the great friends I have made along
the way we are one of the top Corgi Breeders in the US. Because of the quality of our breeders and there amazing health, personality and beauty of our puppies, we now have a list of people waiting on there own puppy before they have even arrived in to the world!!! 

All you have to do now that you have decided to get a puppy from me is to go to Up Coming litter or contact page where the questionnaire is  
copy & paste in a Word DOC, save fill out save and email it back to me @ . 
Deposits are made when I have available puppies, Or you just want to secure a PICK Spot. This will be determined on what I have coming up. 
You can submit via PayPal or Check or Chase Quick Pay ( if you bank with chase). I will contact you with in 24 hours of receiving your deposit to finish up the contract, only after you have received your contract signed & sent back me, you will be secured in a pick spot.

Picking a puppy happens at 7-8 weeks of DOB. We wait this long because 1st I don't let anyone come over to view puppies in person due to many things that can happen IE Parvo... Also because when they are young, you as a new owner cant till what kind of personality the puppies have.
Yes there will be pictures all the time!! Yes there will be videos!! You will see them grow from week to week, along with seeing how they are showing different personality's & socialization.

 A deposit of $300 is required to be on the wait list, this does come off your deposit when we have a baby for you, remaining balance of deposit is due.  If you are on a pick list ( this means you are 2nd or 3rd to pick) you will already have your deposit secured,  I will contact you when the litter is 1 week old. If you are on the next in line list, I do go in order there is no skipping anyone.. 
If you have filled out Questionnaire on website and I have replied back with an email you are on the Next in line list.
There is also a update page on Facebook for those on the NIL list, Crown corgi Group, Not the page.

If the litter produced does not provide you with a puppy of your preferred sex or color, your deposit will simply be deferred onto the next up coming litter. The deposit is movable to any available litters Crown corgi has, as long as there is an open spot. Once a deposit is placed it is Non- refundable because I will be spending a considerable amount of time and effort to keeping you updated on the new babies and photos and information when they are available. 

Here is an illustration of my process; you submit your questionnaire, If you are approved for my Next in line list, then a deposit (if this is available); you are 3rd on the wait list to choose a puppy, once the new arrivals turn 1 week old, you will be notified you are on this litter.
At 7-8 weeks old #1 and #2 have chosen it is your turn to choose among the remaining babies. If there is the perfect baby for you then great!!! At 9-12 weeks old you can pick up your new puppy and remaining balance is due at time of pick up ( no checks for pick up )
contracts signed your picking up your puppy and your of onto your next adventure. 

I hope this explained my process completely, however PLEASE feel free to contact me with any other questions you may, that I have not answered here. I am here to bring wonderful companions and puppies parents together so just let me know anything we can do to make your corgi dream come true!!!!

***********  I am expecting several new litters of Pembroke's this year, Sables, Black & Red tri's & red and whites!!!!**************