Right from birth the puppies are handled daily and weighed to make sure for proper growth. At 24 hours to 2 days old all tails and dewclaws are removed. When the pups reach 2 weeks old they receive their first manicure to prevent splayed paws and mastitis ( hardening of nipples) in the mom and manicures continue bi-weekly. I also get the pups on a sleeping schedule and the basics for house training. By 11:00 pm, lights out, radio on, and it's bedtime for the nursery. We use shavings& mats that absorb nicely, keeping pups clean and healthy and prevents pups from slipping and causing hip dysplasia which is a lifetime of discomfort. I also have in a corner of the box cedar shavings to teach pups to go in one area. Weather permitting; every morning pups are taken outside to play. By 7 weeks of age, most are holding from relieving themselves till they are taken out. I offer many toys and chews to entertain and teach the pups. Crown corgi's puppies are on Natural Diamond Puppy small bites. Puppies are given free choice of food all day till they are 6 1/2 weeks old when free choice is stopped at night in preparation for their new homes. During de-worming times, pups are let out on concrete for easy cleaning and sterilizing nightly. My de-worming starts at 3 weeks of age and continues till they leave us at 8-10 weeks old. At 8 weeks of age the pups receive their first vaccination and again will need to continue puppy series till 16 weeks. Before pups go to their new homes, & must continue the series of puppy shots to prevent parvo at 12 & 16 weeks of age. They have been well socialized with other dogs, kids, water, activities within the home and outdoors, and moments of separation from the litter for some one-on-one attention and to prepare and evaluate the pup for their new home.
As a breeder, I feel it is my duty to educate any new owner and be there for the life of any puppy I produce and place. I love to talk Corgis and am more than happy to advise anyone. Thank you for stopping in and taking the time to meet the Pack.

Taping Ears

The ears start to stand up approximately between a broad range of 4 to 12 weeks. Sometimes the ears will rise up on their own for smaller corgis with smaller ears.  However, sometimes medium size corgis and large corgis with a heavier set ears will need assistance and help to get the ears to stand up. 
A puppy will continue to go through growth spurts throughout the first 16 weeks of life having the ears come up and then fall. The strength of the ears is based on calcium intake and calcium needs that help build the cartilage in the ears.  The time that the ears start to stand up is also the same time that the puppy is being weaned from its mother. 

Calcium is needed for both the growing bones and the growing ears.  During the time of weaning, the calcium intake drops, as the puppy is no longer getting the added vitamins from mother’s milk.  To help the issue we give the puppy some milk and or cheese every day for 1-2 weeks.  It's very important to feed a quality dog food that contains a good nutritional balance while they are being weaned.  The beginning start of life is very important for their over-well being, and for the benefits of the ears. 
Also remember to not play with your puppies ears, I haven't had any that didn't go up.

Improving the life of your dog / puppy

Improving your dogs / puppy's immune system through natural supplements has many benefits, not just for your dog's intestinal well being, but also for his or her coat and their overall health.  

Boosting their immune system will better make their coat grow with a more shiny glim, and keep away those dry flakes and keep the skin moisture packed.

You need to make sure your dog / puppy is eating really high quality dog food (something without grains). Adding Camelina Oil for the Omega 3's daily in their food is a great added supplement to increase the vitamins needed for their coat. 

You can also add “performance microbials ” daily for a nutritional supplement that can be purchase through myself. I use this for my big dogs and the equine for my horses.   

A dog's / puppy's immune system does not mature until 12-18 months of age, so it's highly important for the betterment of your new friend to start them off with a great lifestyle.  When started early in life, the immune system will continue to increase and minimize the possibility of ever developing uncontrollable problems later in life.  

Coat & Colors

The Pembroke comes in 4 primary colors - Red & White, Sable & White, Redheaded Tri color and Black Headed Tri color.  Occasionally a puppy shows up with a coat type or color pattern that is not desirable based on their original purpose. A Fluffy coat or a mismark (too much white in the wrong place) does not change their ability to make wonderful companions.

                                                            Crown corgi color chart
                                                                Redheaded Tri 


                                                                                           Blackheaded Tri

                                                                 Sable N White

                                                                  Red N White
                             All picture's are Crown corgi puppy's & crown corgis dog's.